We’re fortunate that all of our work stations are very spacious and located over 2m apart, which allows us to strictly follow social distancing guidelines.


Doors may be open throughout the building in order to ensure good ventilation, so please bear with us if it is slightly cooler than normal.


Whilst closed, we have and will continue to deep clean the studio using a TriGene ADVANCE disinfectant that combines enhanced active ingredients with nano emulsion technology, which protects surfaces from viruses and bacteria.


Please arrive at the allocated time of your appointment, as we strive to stagger clients’ arrivals. We ask you to arrive unaccompanied (sorry no guests), except only when a minor is occupied by a parent or guardian for body piercing.
If you have a face mask please wear in the studio at all times, if you do not, one will be provided and a surcharge will be applied.

Upon entry you will be required to sanitise your hands.

You will also be required to confirm – To your knowledge you have no symptoms of COVID-19 and you haven’t been in contact with any persons carrying the virus.

Your temperature will be taken using a contactless thermometer. If you have a elevated temperature we will not be able to provide service.